2012 favorite color

This year has already begun to be seen in almost all collections and in 2012 will remain permanently in our lives. I refer to the color block, a trend that is beginning to sweep through the joy of his striking looks and what they are. Youth, daring and, above all, very colorful, so they could define all the looks we get with this trend.

2012 favorite colorThe best thing about the color block is that you can unleash your imagination and that there are no rules. Well, actually there is: it uses strong colors and combine them as you like. Just that. Color does not matter if you never “have been good,” the only thing that matters is that you like the color scheme you’ve got. Mixtures such as fuchsia with green, green with blue, green yellow, blue and pink … so many possibilities that if you get several pieces you can get plenty of looks.

To follow the fashion colors any color you’d better block but especially those who are strong and have very bright like fuchsia, electric blue, deep yellow, lime green, orange, purple, white, black or red passion. If you are not very bold block can wear a garment and a “normal” as jeans life, but if you like colorful looks totally original and break wherever you go.

The key to winning in 2012 with the color block is to be able to create contrasts breakers, and wear a shirt and trousers electric yellow or fuchsia red, giving you a stunning look. Any combination must stand out and be all eyes. Here you have no discretion so if you want the best go unnoticed that you do not choose this trend.

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